Fish feeds

Groundbait & fish bait

Hengelsport Michiels has been supplying angling enthusiasts, retailers and wholesalers in Belgium and abroad for many years with all kinds of groundbait & fish bait. With us, you can be sure that you get quality for your money, whatever type of bait you buy.

Choosing fish bait

Pretty much the most important part of angling is the bait you use. A large number of baits are available. These differ not only in size, but also in type. For example, a carp fish prefers a different type of bait than a sturgeon fish. A tip: live bait is ideal for trout fishing and coarse fishing.

So prepare well to ensure that you use the right bait for the fish you want to catch. Are you new to the world of angling or do you want to try catching a different kind of fish? Feel free to ask us what kind of bait is best for you!

Hengelsport Michiels vis aas en lokvoer

Live fish bait

Live bait is still at least as popular as lures and dead bait. This makes sense because you are luring the fish with critters that they hunt themselves.

At Hengelsport Michiels, our live bait of high quality is always available at a reasonable price. Still, there is one fish bait that outperforms the others one level. Our maggots are grown in the very best conditions! Are our photos not convincing to you? Feel free to come by and inspect them.


Anglers who prefer not to use live bait can contact us for lures. We have a wide range of lures from our suppliers available. Some examples of what you will find in our store:
– Plugs
– Jerkbaits
– Spinners
– Spoons

Are you looking for something that is not in our catalogues? Feel free to give us a heads up. In most cases we can help you through our contacts!

Bait food

With the bait from Hengelsport Michiels, you can be sure that the fish can’t resist you. To give our food an extra boost, you can experiment with particles and pellets yourself!

Our range consists of a large number of types of bait such as flour, maize, pellets and boilies. So adjust the bait you buy to the type of fish you will be angling! You can also contact us for tips and tricks. We are happy to help you.

Koekjesmeel (ijswafel) 500gr